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Welcome to Simpleum Media GmbH

Our Mission

  • to support the responsible utilization of personal and professional data
  • to enable the secure archiving of your digital life
  • a simple and joyful usability

The protection of digital data is often very important to ensure privacy, trust, obligations, confidentiality, and to safeguard the data against crime attacks. But encryption solutions are often very complicated to use and to understand.

Simpleum offers solutions for these concerns.


Capitan Johannes Golombek

Co-founder and Technology Architect
(Computer Scientist)

Capitan Janine Thun

Co-founder and Art Director
(M.A. Literature, Media and Arts)

He has written his first computer programs already as a youngster more than 30 years ago, studied computer science, and was during the last 17 years busy at Siemens IT (later Atos) in various senior management positions.

With a great passion for the visual she has already worked in many fields: as TV and film director, freelance photographer with an own studio, freelance art instructor, and designer.

“I’ve always wondered about how many people are not very active to take care of the security of their personal and professional data. With SimpleumSafe we offer best encryption technology with ease of use, so everyone can securely store its data.”

“It is important to me to inspire even less computer-savvy people on the “security” theme. From my own experience I know that programs that come along overloaded with features and quite technical appearance rather discourage. Security does not need to be complicated for the user. Therefore, I have kept the design simple, clear and friendly.”


Simpleum Media GmbH


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Press Contact

Janine Thun
Fon: +49 40 22865646
Fax: +49 3222 4293890
[email protected]



You can request for promo codes for free download of “SimpleumSafe App”. ( at Apple Mac App Store and App Store).  Please write to: [email protected]