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Password: 12 creative tips

Passwords deserve our special care and we would like to give you a few recommendations and tips on password and security. Some tips are a bit more elaborate beforehand, but in the long run you can get used to a course of action that does little work.

20 good reasons for SimpleumSafe

Are you looking for a simple and secure application to encrypt your sensitive files and folders? We recommend that you store all your files continuously encrypted in one place: SimpleumSafe.

18 tips to protect iPhone/tablet and laptop when you travel

Whether it's a summer vacation or a weekend break, remember to keep your mobile devices up to date. We've put together some useful tips for you to help protect your equipment while you travel. Be vigilant and attentive even in the most beautiful time of the year. Many of the tips are also suitable for the daily use of mobile devices.

10 easy tips to declutter your Mac

The first question is: Do I really need it? Do I actually have to keep every file, every link, every (obsolete) program, in case of cases? The answer is no. We've put together some useful tips to help you with the first steps.

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