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macOS QuickLook Vulnerability: SimpleumSafe NOT affected

The QuickLook function of macOS creates thumbnails in finder even with encrypted container systems such as TrueCrypt/VeraCrypt or encrypted Apple image files when you open and use the Finder to preview them. Incredibly, this vulnerability has already been documented in 2010 and Apple has not yet implemented a solution.

SimpleumCheck “Security Advisor”

SimpleumCheck checks seventy parameters on the Mac in three stages and gives you recommendations on how you can improve your security even further. We have developed SimpleumCheck to give you a little insight into which security settings exist and which ones you have activated.

New feature: Thumbnail View

We are happy to announce a new feature: Thumbnail view. Now you can easily display all files and photographs in the list as small pictures. Of course you can set the size of these thumbnails easily. We have also added thumbnails to the image viewer so that you can easily and quickly get to the desired images.

SimpleumSafe – with Extreme Secure Synchronisation

Today, we're excited to announce that SimpleumSafe 2.0 is now available for macOS and iOS! SimpleumSafe 2 allows the synchronization of safes between different devices (Mac, iPad, iPhone). There are three types of sync: iCloud, wireless (no Internet), or a shared folder (Mac to Mac only).

SimpleumSafe easy-to-use encrypted file manager now available for iOS

Simpleum Media GmbH today introduces SimpleumSafe 1.0, the company's new encryption app for iOS devices. SimpleumSafe is designed for the consumer, who wants to protect and archive personal information, as well as for companies who are interested to protect personal information and secret documents from unauthorized access.

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