DocWallet is no longer being developed and the operation of the cloud data is set to 2018-12-31.

SimpleumSafe is a suitable alternative to DocWallet

SimpleumSafe is an encryption and document management solution for macOS and iOS and is suitable for both private and business use.

Reasons for SimpleumSafe (especially for DocWallet users)

  • Secure encryption with AES-256

  • Synchronization: iCloud, Folder, Wireless

  • For macOS and iOS

  • Only one-time costs

  • GDPR compliant

  • Arbitrary file types

  • Multiple safes

  • Safes e.g. on USB stick or external hard drives

  • No size limits

  • Active further development

  • Made in Germany

  • Secure document editing

  • No cleartext traces

  • Built-in secure image viewer

  • iOS: encrypted photography

Switch from DocWallet to SimpleumSafe

It is advisable to create a small Safe to get acquainted with and to familiarize yourself with this Safe with SimpleumSafe. Since you can create as many Safes as you wish, this does not affect the data transferred by DocWallet.

We offer a 50% discount to all DocWallet users when you purchase SimpleumSafe for macOS. Please write to and send a suitable proof (purchase receipt).

Create a Safe for the DocWallet data

It’s a good idea to take over the data on a Mac

  1. Create a Safe
  2. Export your DocWallet data (read more below)
  3. Open the created Safe in SimpleumSafe
  4. Import your DocWallet data (read more below)

If you also want to use the data on an iPhone/iPad or another Mac, set up the synchronization (e.g. iCloud).

  1. Open the settings and choose Synchronization
  2. Select as synchronization type: iCloud
  3. Start the first synchronization (can take some time depending on the amount of data on the first synchronization)
  4. Set up synchronization on other devices.

FAQ: Mac: create new Safe and set up synchronization – first steps

Video: iCloud set up

Export your DocWallet data and import it into SimpleumSafe

To keep the files encrypted while exporting, they can use SimpleumSafe’s “secure temporary storage”.
Please note that this is limited to 500 MB for the AppStore version. With the version from the Simpleum store the size can be adjusted.

  1. Open DocWallet
  2. Select all files in DocWallet (e.g. Command + A)
  3. Export all files to the “temp” folder. To do this, right click on the selected files and select “Export… “, then select the “temp” folder and execute export.
  4. Open the safe that was previously created in SimpleumSafe
  5. Select all files in the “temp” folder
  6. Drag & drop your files in the opened Safe

Further information