Wireless synchronization is where Apple’s Multipeer protocol is used. If you can use AirDrop with your devices, you can also use this type of synchronization. For this purpose the devices are connected with Bluetooth and Wifi and the Safes are synchronized. The transmission of the data does not take place over the Internet (no-internet-sync).

This introduction video shows you how to set up the Wireless Sync. (Instead of iCloud Sync, which is shown in the video, select Wireless sync). Or look into our step by step tutorial for wireless sync.

Wireless sync setup:

In the Menu: SimpleumSafe Settings Sync
Select wireless-sync

To scan the QR code on the Mac:

  1. Create a new Safe on the iPhone / iPad.
  2. On the iPhone / iPad > Settings > Synchronization > Select wireless Sync
  3. afterwards “Create configuration QR Code “

On the Mac:

  1. in the menu > Safe > connect to a synchronized safe
  2. Enter password
  3. Hold the iPhone QR code in front of the Mac camera until the QR code is recognized
  4. Authenticate
  5. Create Safe
  6. Save the Safe