Which encryption method is used?

SimpleumSafe uses AES-256 encryption. You want to get more information on the used security technology? [...]

Which encryption method is used?2017-11-26T21:43:45+01:00

What can I encrypt?

For Mac and iOS: Any kind of file. Every file within the Safe is encrypted [...]

What can I encrypt?2017-12-19T14:25:16+01:00

When are my files decrypted?

Files are decrypted when you take them of the Safe e.g. Drag & Drop to [...]

When are my files decrypted?2017-11-26T21:44:24+01:00

How secure is the encryption?

The used encryption algorithms are widely used security standards which are although used by the [...]

How secure is the encryption?2018-11-08T18:06:45+01:00
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