Security for your data with SimpleumSafe for iOS

You want to keep your personal or business data secure? SimpleumSafe uses strong encryption with AES-256 and is constantly designed for security and confidentiality. Your secured data can be only decrypted by yourself, because only you know the password necessary for encryption.

SimpleumSafe is continuously encrypted!

Encryption algorithm

SimpleumSafe uses the industry standard for strong encryption. All your data will be encrypted with AES-256 in order to use the same encryption technology as banks, governments and industrial companies.

AES-256 (Advanced Encryption Standard with a key length of 256 bits) is probably the best researched encryption algorithm and since its introduction considered as be safe.
AES-256 is even approved for utilization in the highest classification level “Top Secret” of the U.S. government.
SimpleumSafe has an encryption core (Simpleum®Cryptor). Each security operation is performed in the Cryptor. The keys are not available outside the Cryptor.

Safe Passwort

With SimpleumSafe you can create multiple Safes. Each Safe has its own Safe password. Only with your Safe password you can open a Safe and decrypt files. You can also define a Touch-ID or Face-ID for every Safe.

SimpleumSafe does not save your password and cannot reconstruct it. Also Simpleum Media GmbH and its employees can not reconstruct the Safe password.

We’ve built the ability to generate a Recovery Password that allows you to open the Safe if you ever forget your own password.

Support for a secure password

Even the best encryption algorithm does not help when the password used is easy to identify. SimpleumSafe rated the quality of your passphrase and estimates the time required to “crack” your password. To get a useful feedback about your password strength.

If an incorrect password was entered in SimpleumSafe, there will be a time lag until the next time you can enter a password again (2 seconds at the first attempt, then 4 sec. , 8 sec. 16 sec. and so on).

A secure password ensures that it can not be guessed by targeted testing. A good encryption algorithm ensures that really all options (in AES-256 there are 2^255 possibilities) must be tried and there are no “shortcuts”.

To learn more about “secure Password,” read our Blog Post.

Continuously encrypted

In SimpleumSafe, all files are encrypted throughout.

Even if you look at your photos in the Image Viewer or Slideshow, your data is and will remain encrypted all the time.

Extreme Secure Synchronization

The data files are transmitted in their encrypted form. The sync protocol (which knows what data has been changed) is also transmitted encrypted. Thus, we have an end-to-end encryption. Everything can only be decrypted, if one knows the Safe password and has the key file.
To increase security even further, we do not directly transfer the key file.
For example, a Safe from a Mac is transferred to an iPhone for the first time, then SimpleumSafe creates a synchronization configuration as an encrypted QR code. This QR code is then photographed and evaluated by the iPhone. Afterwards the input of the Safe password is necessary and the Safe can be created and synchronized on the iPhone.

This additional security function protects the synchronization data from attackers. Even if they know the password and managed to steal the data from the cloud, they still lack the key file.

Technical information

You want to get more informations about the security technology utilized by SimpleumSafe?
Fine! Please read the technical informations in SimpleumSafe Technical White Paper.

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