The ideal solution for private customers

Encrypt easy and intuitive with SimpleumSafe

With SimpleumSafe, confidential, personal and intimate data can be protected from unwanted viewing and access. Due to the simple and intuitive usability, beginners can also find their way around very quickly.

With SimpleumSafe, you pay once for your safety.

There is also a lot of data to protect in the private sector:

  • Privacy: Multiple users share a computer
  • Protection from unauthorized and unwanted access
  • Tax returns, applications, certificates, etc.
  • Digital invoices, orders, access files, passwords
  • Confidential and intimate data, party photos, videos, etc.
  • Health data and bills
  • Digital legacy

If your children also use your iPhone or iPad to play games, it’s quickly happened that they also click through your photo library. Who doesn’t know? With SimpleumSafe for iOS, you can take pictures directly from the app, and the photos don’t appear in the photo library.

Why SimpleumSafe?

Encryption alone is not enough nowadays

Nowadays it is not enough “only” to encrypt your data to be protected. If you want to view, organize, or edit the encrypted files, they also must be protected. It is important not to leave any trace on the system, and even if a Trojan looks over your shoulder, it can not copy all your files to the Internet.

SimpleumSafe goes a different way than most other encryption programs. After authorization with a password, the files are not provided in the file system. Otherwise they would be completely vulnerable from this moment on. SimpleumSafe makes its own file system and has its own finder. Thus the files remain encrypted for the entire time.

This is especially important because many modern computers use SSD hard drives, where simple deletion of plain text files has become complicated. It is no longer enough to overwrite the file with random values. Here the entire free space of the hard disk has to be deleted, which is hardly done in practice.

Examples of use and main functions

Easy-to-use encryption

We want to help you manage, organize and edit your sensitive data as easily as possible with SimpleumSafe. And it all works encrypted throughout. Because the SimpleumSafe user interface for Mac is designed similar to the Mac finder, you can simply drag your files from the finder to the open SimpleumSafe and these are immediately encrypted in the Safe.

For more information on the extensive features of the SimpleumSafe, click here: SimpleumSafe for Mac.
SimpleumSafe for iOS.
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