Features and Options

The security of your data is paramount!

SimpleumSafe uses only well established and from security specialists recommended encryption algorithms. 100% of your data is encrypted with AES-256.

SimpleumSafe is continuously encrypted!

Simple and intuitive usability

Our aim is to enable everyone to encrypt and archive his private or professional data. Therefore the application is as simple as possible. You do not need technical knowledge to quickly become familiar with the usage of  SimpleumSafe.
Many of the skills you have already aquired during daily use of your Mac you can use with SimpleumSafe. You will be familiar with SimpleumSafe immediately.

Extensive support of Drag & Drop

Add files to Safe

The import of files into the Safe is one of the key tasks. You can drag files simply with “drag and drop” into the Safe. Use “copy & paste”. Use the “Share” function in Finder or Mail. In the print dialog you can choose the “Save PDF in SimpleumSafe” option and the file will be securely stored as a PDF file in the Safe (1).

Organize your files in your way

Whether you store files in the Safe or you want to build up an archive of your data.
Folders, favorites and tags help you to organize your data in your own way.
The use of folders enables you to organize your files within a nested structure according to your individual requirements.

Easy handling of encrypted files

You can create a file preview or edit a file. The data remains encrypted (2).

In addition to the tag function you can assign comments to files. On the right sidebar (inspector) you can view all file informations and easily edit them.
You can usually undo your actions.

Mark your files and folders with tags

Tags are like keywords or labels. You can add one or more tags to files and folders and later display all files of a given tag. Tags provide another powerful way to organize files. You can create tags for topics or for your workflow e.g. to indicate that you still want to edit a file.

We have created an extensive catalog of tags which might be useful for you. Therefore your organizing and retrieving of your files might be even more joyful.

Take or forward files out of the Safe

Drag your files from the Safe into the Mac Finder for further use. Use the “Share” feature of your Mac to transfer files to another program. When exporting files from the Safe, the tags still remain.

Full Screen: Image Viewer and Slideshow

In SimpleumSafe you can easily view your photos in Full Screen Mode by Image Viewer or with the Slideshow.
Your data will remain encrypted throughout.

Extreme Secure Synchronization

SimpleumSafe allows the synchronization of safes between different devices (Mac, iPad, iPhone). There are three types of sync: iCloud, wireless (no Internet), or a shared folder (Mac to Mac only).

SimpleumSafe is all about security, that’s why we developed the “Extreme Secure Synchronization”. Even if the synchronization data was stolen from the cloud and the password became public, the data can still not be decrypted.

Learn how you setup synchronization for „iCloud“ and „wireless“. Or watch the introduction video for „iCloud“ and „wireless“. Manual for “folder”  synchronization.


The amount and size of the files depends only on the used location (hard drive, USB stick, …) of Safes. All types of files can be stored.