SimpleumSafe Features

Keep it simple: simple and intuitive operation

We want everyone to be able to encrypt and archive their personal or professional data. For this reason, operation has been kept as simple as possible. You don’t need any technical knowledge to quickly familiarize yourself with how the SimpleumSafe works.

You can use a lot of what you have already learned in the daily use of the Mac, iPhone or iPad in SimpleumSafe. You will find your way around immediately.


Easily work with encrypted files (iOS)

You can preview the files. The file remains encrypted.

In addition to the tag function, you can also add comments to files. Just select the file and you can see all the file information. You can hide this information to get the maximum space for the preview. If it is a document such as a PDF, you can also scroll through the document here.


Full Screen: Image viewer and slide show (iOS)

The normal file list in the icon view is already well suited to get an overview of your images.

In SimpleumSafe you can conveniently view your photos in full-screen mode using the image viewer or the slide show.

Your images remain encrypted throughout.

In the picture viewer you can change the pictures by swiping. Tap once on the screen and the control elements will appear as shown in the right image. If you tap the screen right there, you can simply scroll through the images with either your left or right hand. The control elements do not have to be visible for this.

You can start an automatic slide show or switch between the images using the mouse or keyboard. You can also zoom in and out on the images.


Import files (iOS)

Adding files to the safe is one of the most important tasks. You can e.g. B. Import photos from your photo library using the “Add to SimpleumSafe” icon.

Attachments from emails such as photos, PDF or Word files etc. are also imported in this way.

You can also easily import photos from the photo library from within the app. To do this, click the + icon and the selection for the photo library will open.


Organize files (Mac)

Folders, favorites and tags help you organize your data. You decide whether you just want to store files securely in the safe or whether you want to create an archive of your data. With folders, you can nest the files as deep as you like and thus create a structure that suits your goals.


Export or share files from the safe (Mac)

There are many ways to export files.

  • Drag your files from the Safe to the Mac Finder to continue using them there.
  • Use the “Share” function of your Mac to hand over the file to another program.
  • Select files and then “Export” in the menu or in the toolbar

When files are exported from the Safe, the tags and dates are retained.

Extensive drag & drop support - macOS

Drag into the safe

You can simply drag and drop files from the Mac Finder into the Safe. The files are added to the safe in encrypted form.


You can drag and drop one or more files/folders in the safe. Files and folders can also be easily moved between two open safes.

Drag to Finder

You can drag and drop files from the Safe to the Finder and the files will be decrypted there.

Tag / label

You can drag a file onto a tag or a tag onto a file and the file is tagged.


Drag a file to the sidebar and it stays there as a favorite for quick access later.

Waste paper bin

You can drag files and folders, as well as tags and favorites, to the trash when you no longer need them.

Take photos and videos from within the app and save them encrypted - iOS

In the SimpleumSafe for iOS you can take photos and videos directly from the app and save them encrypted immediately.

To do this, click the + icon, select “Take photo” and the capture dialog will open. You can decide whether to save the captured photo or discard it and take a new photo. When you save the photo, you can rename it as you like.

Do the same with recording videos.

Access to safes from outside of SimpleumSafe - iOS

SimpleumSafe for iOS can be configured so that a safe can also be accessed with other apps for a specified time.

In this example, through Apple’s Files app. There is a new storage location “SimpleumSafe” for this. For example, you can use a word processor to save directly to a safe.


The amount and size of the files only depends on the storage location used (hard drive, USB stick, etc.) of the safe. All types of files can be saved.

Unlimited files

You can add as many files and folders as you want to a safe. (3)

Files of any size

There is no size limit for your files. Anything from small text files to large video files can be stored. (3)

All file types

You can add all kinds of files to the safe.

Different locations

You can store a safe in different locations. On your hard drive, on a USB stick, on a network drive or in the cloud.

Multiple safes

You can create multiple safes and use them completely independently of each other.

Time Machine optimized (macOS)

Each safe has a format optimized for Apple Time Machine backup.

High Security Sync

SimpleumSafe enables the synchronization of safes between different devices (Mac, iPad, iPhone). There are three sync types: iCloud, wireless (no internet) or to a shared folder (Mac to Mac only).

SimpleumSafe is all about security, that’s why we developed “High Security Sync”.

Even if the synchronization data is stolen from the cloud and the password is known, the data cannot be decrypted.

Read here how to set up synchronization for “iCloud” and “Wireless”.

Learn more about high security synchronization