Hamburg, Mai 2, 2018

SimpleumSafe is an easy-to-use app for password-based encryption of personal and professional data and a file manager for iOS.

With SimpleumSafe it is possible to create and use different safes. The main feature is the file manager. It is easy to add files to SimpleumSafe from other apps. All files can although easily be accessed from other apps. Everything can be organized similar to the Mac Finder or Windows Explorer. Tags help to mark and organise files and folders.

You can take photos directly from the app and save them immediately encrypted in the safe.

Files are displayed in the list view or in the thumbnail view. With the image viewer you can easily navigate through a larger number of images and files.

SimpleumSafe is designed for the consumer, who wants to protect and archive personal information, as well as for companies who are interested to protect personal information and secret documents from unauthorized access. Read also: Data security in business use.


  • Simple and intuitive usability
  • Strong encryption with AES-256. All files in a Safe are encrypted.
  • Create as many Safe as you want
  • Organize your files as you like with “Finder” (Create folders, rename, copy, move, duplicate, trash, delete files)
  • Show file content for Microsoft Office and iWorks documents, PDF, Images (jpg, png, gif, tiff), Text (txt, rtf, rtfd), Movies (mp4, mov),  Audio …
  • Mark files and folders with beautiful tags
  • Comment files and folders
  • Mark files as Favorites for fast access
  • Add files from any App which supports Action Extensions or the new Document Provider Extension
  • Export files by using Share-Button or Document Provider Extension
  • Number of files and size is only limited by the free space of your device
  • The number and size of files is limited only by the free space on the device
  • Take photos from the app and instantly save them encrypted
  • Thumbnail view and Image viewer
  • NEW feature: notes. Easily and securely create, edit, save and synchronize notes.

Sincerely yours Simpleum Team