Backup Folder – not accessible

When you see the message “Backup folder is not available or accessible.” in the Backup Preferences view, there can be two reasons for this:

  1. The Backup Folder is on a drive which is not mounted (e.g. on an USB stick which is not plugged in)
  2. macOS has marked the stored Backup Folder data as stale (old and inaccessible).


  1. Insert/mount the media on which the Backup Folder is located (e.g. plug in USB stick) and wait some seconds. The red error message should disappear.
  2. Background information: We store the “path” of the Backup Folder with some security/permission information. There are some circumstances where this information is not valid anymore (e.g. change to SimpleumSafe Version 2.8.0)
    In this case, please manually set the folder again to the location you have used before (this will store the Backup Folder with updated security/permission information). The red error message should disappear.