Why do I need encryption software?

Is your Mac, iPhone and iPad safe? Really?

Can you rely on the operating system to be error-free?

Apple has always been committed to protecting its users and invests heavily in the security of macOS, iOS and iPadOS. But no system is infallible. Despite all efforts, experts continue to discover security gaps - some of them critical. A comprehensive overview of previously reported security incidents for Apple devices can help better assess the risk.

Here is a list of reported security incidents on Apple devices

Have you configured all security settings correctly?

Fine-tuning security settings is often more complicated than it seems. While many features of Apple operating systems increase convenience, they can also present potential vulnerabilities. It’s important to regularly review the latest security best practices.

We developed SimpleumCheck to help you make your Mac more secure

Are you alone on your device or is someone looking over your shoulder?

In the past, Apple devices were considered nearly impregnable fortresses, often overlooked by cybercriminals who focused on supposedly more vulnerable systems. But those times are over. As the popularity of Apple products has increased, malware, viruses, trojans, and ransomware for these products have also increased dramatically. These malware can download data that they have access to unnoticed.

I’m far too uninteresting to be attacked. Really?

This assumption, often referred to as the “I have nothing to hide” mentality, is dangerous and misleading, especially in today’s digital world.

  • Automated Attacks: Many cyberattacks are automated and do not target specific individuals, but rather anyone who is vulnerable. That is, it’s not about how “interesting” or “important” you are, but whether your devices and data are easily accessible.
  • Value of Data: Personal data can be valuable to cybercriminals even if it doesn’t seem valuable to the average person. This data can be sold, misused or used for blackmail.
  • Connection to others: Even if you don’t think you’re interesting enough to attack, you could be connected through contacts or networks to others of interest to an attacker. Your device could serve as an entry point or springboard for further attacks.

Oh, what’s supposed to happen?


  • Financial Losses: Criminals can use stolen bank or credit card information to withdraw money or purchase goods.
  • Identity Theft: Criminals can use personal information to impersonate the person concerned, take out loans, or conduct other financial transactions on their behalf.
  • Blackmail: Using stolen personal photos or information, criminals could attempt to blackmail the victim.
  • Social Impact: Personal information or private communications may be made public, which may cause embarrassment, disadvantage or social isolation.
  • Emotional distress: Losing personal information can cause stress, anxiety and a feeling of being vulnerable.
  • Real Life Security Risks: If personal information such as addresses or travel plans is stolen, it could increase the physical security risk to a person or their family.


  • Financial Losses: Companies may suffer significant financial losses due to fraud, extortion, or penalties for violating data protection laws.
  • Loss of trade secrets: Important business information or patents could be passed on to competitors.
  • Reputational Damage: Data theft can undermine customer trust in a company, which can result in loss of business.
  • Operational Interruptions: Data theft may result in the need to shut down systems, which may impact business operations.
  • Recovery and Prevention Costs: Organizations may need to spend significant amounts to recover stolen data and prevent future attacks.
  • Legal Consequences: Companies could face legal action from customers or partners if their data is compromised.

Protect your data with an additional layer of security

SimpleumSafe has sophisticated encryption technology and has been available since 2016 without any security incidents. Compared to macOS, iOS and iPadOS, SimpleumSafe is a small software and that is good for security, because the size of a system increases the likelihood of errors and therefore security gaps.

SimpleumSafe protects your data by:

  • Encrypted files and folders
  • No unauthorized access from outside
  • Encrypted filenames and attributes
  • Encrypted cloud
  • Encrypted synchronization
  • Encrypted backup
  • Encrypted photography
  • Encrypted scanning
  • Encrypted document view
  • Encrypted editing of documents
  • Encrypted image viewer
  • Assistance with password quality
  • Passwords are not saved
  • Biometric authentication
  • Screen protection
  • 2-factor authentication (Mac)
  • Checking the app for manipulation every time it is started

The security concept of SimpleumSafe with continuous encryption and minimal opening to the outside is unique.

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