Security of SimpleumSafe

Nobody else sees your data

Would you like to keep your personal or business data safe? SimpleumSafe uses strong encryption with AES-256 and is designed for security and confidentiality throughout. Only you can decrypt the data because only you know the password used to encrypt the files in the safe.

End-to-end encrypted

In SimpleumSafe, all files are end-to-end encrypted.

You can edit and change your files and documents in other programs, move, copy and much more. Your files remain encrypted. Even if you view your photos in full screen mode using the image viewer or slide show, your data is and will remain encrypted at all times.

Strong encryption

SimpleumSafe uses the industry standard for strong encryption. All your data is encrypted with AES-256. You use the same encryption technology as banks, governments and industrial companies.

AES-256 (Advanced Encryption Standard with a key length of 256 bits) is arguably the best-researched encryption algorithm and has been considered secure since its inception. It is even approved for use in the highest security level "Top Secret" in the U.S. government approved. SimpleumSafe has an encryption core (Simpleum®Cryptor). Every security operation is performed in the cryptor. The keys are not available outside of the cryptor.

High Security Sync

The entire synchronization of your data is end-to-end encrypted.

To increase security even further, we do not transmit the key file via the cloud. This additional security function protects the synchronization data from attackers. Even if they know their password and managed to steal the data from the cloud, they still don't have the key file.

Open safe with password, Face ID or Touch ID

With SimpleumSafe you can create multiple safes. Each safe has its own safe password. You can only open a safe and decrypt files with your safe password.

SimpleumSafe does not save these passwords and cannot reconstruct them. Even Simpleum Media GmbH and its employees cannot reconstruct the safe password.

Therefore, we recommend that you set up the recovery password immediately after installing SimpleumSafe. You can find instructions here.


Recovery Password / Digital Legacy

Just like a real safe has a spare key, you can also create a recovery password that can be used like a spare key.

You can print out this second password and keep it in a safe place. If you ever forget your password, you can create a new Safe Password using your recovery password.

You can also use the recovery password to access your digital legacy or in case of an emergency. You can give the printout of the recovery password to a person you trust or to a notary, or enclose it with your will.

We recommend that you generate the recovery password immediately after you have created your safe. You can find instructions here.

Technical information

Would you like to find out more about the security technology used? Fine! Then read the technical information in the SimpleumSafe Technical White Paper (English).