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Leave the protection to SimpleumSafe with its unique security features.

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14 days free Trial
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With family sharing

Prices apply to the U.S. (without tax), local pricing may differ. For the exact price in your country, please check the App Store.

SimpleumSafe 3 is available separately for macOS and iOS (iPhone and iPad).

  • Install SimpleumSafe 3 from App Store (free)
  • After starting SimpleumSafe 3 for the first time, a purchase dialog will be displayed. There you can buy SimpleumSafe 3 as a subscription or one-time purchase.

Frequently asked questions and answers about buying SimpleumSafe (FAQ)


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System Requirements

  • SimpleumSafe for Mac requires macOS 12 Monterey or newer and runs on Intel and App Silicon chips.
  • SimpleumSafe for iOS requires iOS 15 or later and runs on iPhone, iPad VisionOS 1 on Vision Pro.

Enable on additional devices

You can operate SimpleumSafe on 5 additional devices. This means that if you have bought SimpleumSafe 3 for iOS, you can also use it on your iPad etc. to use.

After you have bought SimpleumSafe on one device, you can select the “Restore purchase” option on the other devices in the purchase dialog and then the device will also be activated. This also applies analogously to SimpleumSafe for Mac.