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Radical Data Protection: Unique Encryption That Truly Protects

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For iPhone, iPad and Mac

Protect your data effortlessly, without the hassle of managing details.

Leave the protection to SimpleumSafe with its unique security features.

SimpleumSafe has been offering secure protection of your data from unauthorized access since 2016. The encryption software developed in Germany was specially designed for Apple devices. Secure encryption with AES256, ease of use and synchronization between devices have made it a successful software.

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Moved from version 2 to 3. Great security encryption app!

I have been using this app since version 2 (2019). I just purchased the full version 3 and seamlessly converted my .safes from V2 to V3. They have done an excellent job updating this app over the years. My files have never been compromised and I a very happy with the app overall protection and performance. If you are looking for a safe and secure way to encrypt your personal data, look no further. This is a very good product produced by a company that’s mandated to comply with Europe’s strongest data privacy laws. Thanks for such a great experience SimpleumSafe!

Davidsbmw, AppStore US  

Why choose SimpleumSafe?

Encryption is just the beginning

In our digital era, it is not enough to simply encrypt sensitive data. Protecting your data when displaying, organizing or editing it is equally essential. It is of utmost importance not to leave a digital footprint and, even in the event of a Trojan infection, to ensure that your files cannot reach the Internet unnoticed.

SimpleumSafe breaks the convention of traditional encryption software. Instead of making encrypted files accessible in the file system after entering a password - where they would be vulnerable to attacks - SimpleumSafe establishes a separate, secure file system with a built-in finder. Your files remain securely encrypted throughout, a critical step forward for your digital security.

Learn more about why additional encryption software is necessary.

AES-256 encryption

100% of your data is encrypted with AES-256. This allows you to use the same encryption technology as banks, governments and industrial enterprises.

Secure editing

When editing and in the preview, the data remains encrypted throughout. After editing, the data are automatically imported into the Safe again.

Password protected

Every Safe you create is protected by a password. Only with your Safe Password you can open a Safe and decrypt files.

Security made in Germany

With SimpleumSafe a trustworthy encryption solution from Germany is available, which is not subject to laws or presidential decrees of other countries.

Intuitive operation

SimpleumSafe for Mac provides a comprehensive drag-and-drop support. You can simply drag files from the “Mac Finder” into the Safe - encrypted!

No cleartext traces

There will be no clear text remnants on the hard drive, as the files remain encrypted at all times, even during editing.

Business use    Private use
SimpleumSafe on iPhone

SimpleumSafe for iOS

Store you documents, photos etc. securely in one place

Adding files to SimpleumSafe from other Apps is absolutely easy.
You can organize all your files in one place.

Take photos directly from the app and the photo is immediately encrypted in your Safe.

If you want to store a scanned copy of your passport or other personal documents, put them in a Safe and they are protected. Losing an iPhone is very painful, but you don’t have to worry that someone else gets your protected data.

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SimpleumSafe for Mac

Strong encryption, easy-to-use

SimpleumSafe on Mac

To encrypt files or folder, drag files from the Mac “Finder” into the Safe. Done!
You can organize your files similar to the Mac “Finder”: view files, edit, rename, comment, tag them and more.

Your data always remain encrypted.

You can create multiple Safes and store them at different locations. For example: on your hard disk, on an USB Flash Drive or in the cloud. Only you can decrypt the data, because only you know the password the files have been encrypted with.

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Pioneering Data Synchronization with Unmatched Security

SimpleumSafe stands out in the market with its ‘Extreme Secure Synchronization’ feature, a unique offering that ensures the highest level of security during the synchronization of safes across devices (Mac, iPad, iPhone). Users have the flexibility to choose from three synchronization methods: iCloud, Wireless (Internet-free), or through a shared folder (Mac to Mac).

The standout feature of this system is its resilience against data breaches:
even if synchronization data is stolen from the cloud and the password is compromised, decrypting the data remains impossible.

This level of protection is unparalleled in the market, offering users peace of mind in the security of their synchronized data

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Implement Data Protection (GDPR) with SimpleumSafe

GDPR with SimpleumSafe

SimpleumSafe is a suitable technical solution for the protection of digital personal data according to GDPR for Mac, iPhone and iPad.

Implement GDPR

Have you ever wondered if your data is a target for cybercriminals?

Your Apple devices might seem invincible, but the reality is startling. Did you know that even with Apple’s robust security, critical vulnerabilities have been uncovered? Imagine, your personal data might be more valuable to cybercriminals than you think. It’s not just about major security breaches; even simple settings misconfigurations can expose you to risks. And it’s not just about you – your data can be a gateway to wider networks.

With SimpleumSafe, you can fortify your digital fortress. Our unique, continuously encrypted security solution is designed for everyday users and offers unparalleled protection for your data. Discover how SimpleumSafe can safeguard your digital life against the ever-evolving cyber threats.

SimpleumSafe protects your data with an extra layer of security

What exactly is the problem and how do I protect myself?

Everything I was looking for and so much more!

…In no time I have created several Safes which contain among other things my tax records, financial information, and personal files. It is so easy to use and has a simple and intuitive interface. I cannot praise it enough. …If you are looking for a safe and easy way to store you important files I cannot recommend this enough!


Amazing app

I have tried many encryption programs over the years, but nothing compares to Simpleum Safe for keeping encrypted information on the cloud [...] This is one of the best thought out and written encryption security programs I have ever seen. Very easy to use with lots of options such as tagging files and attaching icons to the tags. i.e. photos, documents, etc. [...] Download and give this a chance you will be glad you did and you will probably fall in love with it.


Great App!

I switched to this from Concealer. This is a very intuitive app. Data being encrypted at all times including when viewing is important in my opinion. Concealer did this in a similar way, however, SimpleumSafe has a lot more bells and whistles to ensure data protection and integrity. The ability to tag data is icing on the cake!