20 good reasons for SimpleumSafe

Features and benefits at a glance

Are you looking for a simple and secure application to encrypt your sensitive files and folders? We recommend that you store all your files continuously encrypted in one place: SimpleumSafe.

The SimpleumSafe has a friendly and easy-to-understand interface and the procedure is as simple as it is ingenious: drag & drop any file  from your Mac Finder into the open SimpleumSafe and it is immediately encrypted.

1. A safe place to store and archive all sensitive files encrypted throughout

SimpleumSafe works like a completed safe: a safe place for any type of file to be protected on a Mac or iPhone. An extra dose of security is guaranteed by the continuous encryption: even when the files are viewed and edited, they are encrypted throughout. SimpleumSafe takes a different path than most other encryption programs. Once authorized with a password, the files in the file system will not be provided. Otherwise, they would be completely vulnerable from that moment on. SimpleumSafe recreates its own file system and has its own finder. As a result, the files remain encrypted for all time.

2. File manager

The app’s user interface is designed like the Mac finder, so you are able to use the SimpleumSafe like a file manager.

The similarity to the Mac finder also offers the advantage of finding your way around the user interface quickly. All files imported into SimpleumSafe can be edited and organized. Any number of folders can be created and organizational structures can be created that fit the respective needs. Files can be marked as favorites and thus marked for quick access. An extensive catalogue of tags creates further organizational and sorting possibilities.

3. Organize and view files continuously encrypted

Files can be edited in external programs and are still encrypted throughout. For example, if a Word file, stored in the SimpleumSafe, is opened with Word and edited externally, all changes to the file will be available after the saving. Files can also be duplicated, copied, moved, renamed

4. Fotos and Videos

SimpleumSafe has an image viewer with a slideshow function. This allows you to look at several photos in a row without having to open or decrypt them. Everything happens comfortably in the SimpleumSafe.

5. Favorites and Tags

In SimpleumSafe, favorites and tags can make it easier to organize the files. If files have been tagged, they can be displayed in the sidebar. The tag catalogue is extensive and offers a wide range of topics.


Every single file in the Safe can be annotated.

7. Create notes

Using the .txt file, it is possible to create simple notes.

8. Import contacts

SimpleumSafe offers the possibility to import contacts (.vcf).

9. Take photos encrypted

An important feature of the iOS app is the ability to photograph encrypted. The taken photo is immediately stored encrypted in the SimpleumSafe and does not appear in the iOS photo archive.

10. Continuity Kamera

Since iOS 12, photos and scans can be inserted directly from the iPhone/iPad into programs on the Mac. SimpleumSafe works with this “Continuity-Camera ” feature.

11. Search function

SimpleumSafe has a search function to easily retrieve files. Texts from the comments are also recorded here. Searches can also be stored in the iOS app.

12. A plus in organization: Create several Safes

Several different Safes can be created in SimpleumSafe. For example, the Safes can be used thematically. Professional and private things can thus be stored separately. Those who value a clean organizational structure of their files may be well advised to create thematic Safes.

13. Unlimited and any size files

The number and overall size of the files is not limited by SimpleumSafe. Only the capacity of the memory used (hard drive, USB stick, cloud storage, etc.) can lead to limitation. From small text files to large video files, everything can be stored in SimpleumSafe.

14. Different locations – encrypt USB stick

A Safe can be stored in different places. On the Mac’s hard drive, on a flash drive, a network drive, or in the cloud.

In order to encrypt a flash drive drag & drop an existing Safe from the Mac finder to the flash drive. Or create a new Safe directly on the flash drive.

15. Time-Machine optimized

Each Safe has a format optimized for the Apple Time Machine backup.

16. Extreme Secure Synchronisation

SimpleumSafe allows the Safes to be synchronized between different devices (Mac, iPad, iPhone). There are currently three types of synchronization: iCloud, wireless (no Internet), or with a common folder (Mac to Mac only).
Even if the synchronization data was stolen from the cloud and the password became public, the data still cannot be decrypted. In addition to the password, the key file is also needed to decrypt a Safe. However, the key file is not transmitted directly from the cloud, but manually.

The data in the Safe cannot be found through the Mac Spotlight search.

17. Digital legacy

With the SimpleumSafe, it is also possible to regulate a digital estate. It is highly recommended during your lifetime to provide an overview of all accounts with usernames and passwords. This offers the bereaved families the opportunity to decide in the sense of the deceased what should happen to the “digital heritage ” on social networks etc. Passwords for online services, bank accounts, etc. can also be stored here and, if necessary, provided with notes. Important documents that regulate the estate will be found in the SimpleumSafe as well as a safe place, as well as online contracts etc. That Safe password can be deposited with the notary, for example.

18. Password-based and recovery password

SimpleumSafe is not a service you sign up for online. The software opens its own interface, similar to the Mac Finder, in which you must log in with a self-defined password. This way, you stay in control at all times. Simpleum and its employees have no access to your Safes and do not know your passwords. Just as a real Safe has a spare key, you can have a recovery password created in the SimpleumSafe that can be used like a spare key.

19. Continuous development

SimpleumSafe has been further developed since 2016. The subscription model introduced in 2023 improves the economy and thus also the future security of the app. Updates are released regularly.

20. GDPR compliant

SimpleumSafe is a suitable technical solution for the protection of digital personal data according to GDPR for Mac, iPhone and iPad.