Use SimpleumSafe encryption as a Boxcryptor alternative

Boxcryptor has been sold to Dropbox and is no longer accepting new customers. Existing customers are looking for alternatives.

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"If you only use Apple devices, SimpleumSafe 3 is a worthy replacement for the discontinued Boxcryptor."

Mac & i 1/2024

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SimpleumSafe is a suitable alternative / replacement to Boxcryptor

In a world where cyber threats are becoming increasingly prevalent, the need to protect our sensitive information has never been more important. One popular solution for securing files and documents in the cloud was Boxcryptor, an encryption software that allows users to encrypt their data before uploading it to the cloud.

Boxcryptor was bought by Dropbox and is not longer available.

SimpleumSafe is an encryption and document management solution for macOS and iOS and is suitable for both private and business use.

SimpleumSafe works like a complete safe: a safe place for any type of file to be protected on a Mac or iPhone. An extra dose of security is guaranteed by the continuous encryption: even when the files are viewed and edited, they are encrypted throughout. SimpleumSafe takes a different path than most other encryption programs. Once authorized with a password, the files in the file system will not be provided. Otherwise, they would be completely vulnerable from that moment on. SimpleumSafe recreates its own file system and has its own finder. As a result, the files remain encrypted for all time.

Cloud service end-to-end encryption

SimpleumSafe allows the Safes to be synchronized between different devices (Mac, iPad, iPhone) using end-to-end data encryption. There are currently three types of synchronization: iCloud, wireless (no Internet), or with a common folder (Mac to Mac only). All your sensitive data are encrypted locally on your disc and on the cloud storage.

Even if the synchronization data was stolen from the cloud and the password became public, the data still cannot be decrypted. 

In addition to the password, the key file is also needed to decrypt a Safe. However, the key file is not transmitted directly from the cloud, but manually.

Synchronization and data protection of your cloud storage

SimpleumSafe has its own technology for the sync of encrypted data and does not require special servers. For this purpose, a synchronization directory is created in which the safe records all information about changes to the safe (add, change, delete) and then on another device, these recordings are re-played. All file information stored in the safe is encrypted at all times during synchronization.

The key itself used for encryption and decryption is not synchronized. Therefore, even if the synchronization data from the cloud were stolen, it would be unusable, even in the case where the password is known.

It is the best Boxcryptor alternative for client-side file encryption, zero-knowledge encrypted cloud and secure local file handling with its own Explorer / Finder. You can create several vaults / Safes to organize your data.

The synchronization takes place in two steps. First, the metadata is synchronized. These are e.g. file name, size, creation and modification date, ….

This means that if a large amount of data is being synchronized or the connection is slow, it may already be possible to see these file names and folders on another device, but the actual data has not yet been transferred. (This concerns in particular the today used iCloud synchronization, on whose transmission SimpleumSafe has no direct influence). In this case, the file names are still gray. In a second step, the file contents are synchronized and the file names are then black again.

Reasons for SimpleumSafe (especially for Boxcryptor users)

  • Secure encryption with AES-256
  • Synchronization: iCloud, Folder, Wireless
  • For macOS and iOS
  • GDPR compliant
  • Arbitrary file types
  • Multiple Safes
  • Safes e.g. on USB stick or external hard drives
  • No size limits
  • Active further development
  • Made in Germany
  • Secure document editing
  • No cleartext traces
  • Built-in secure image viewer
  • iOS: encrypted photography

Switch from Boxcryptor to SimpleumSafe

It’s a good idea to create a small Safe to get to know and familiarize yourself with this Safe with SimpleumSafe. Since you can create as many Safes as you like, this has no effect on the data taken over by Boxcryptor.

Create a safe for the Boxcryptor data

It is recommended to perform the data transfer on a Mac

  1. Create a Safe
  2. Open the created Safe in SimpleumSafe
  3. Open you encrypted folders within Boxcryptor
  4. Import the files into SimpleumSafe. For example, by dragging (importing) the file or folders into SimpleumSafe
  5. Done

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