SimpleumSafe 3.1 iOS - Release Notes


In this update, we’ve revamped and contemporized the look of the tags.

  • Each tag can now be personalized with a chosen icon and its color.
  • We’ve added a collection of 100 new icons for tags.
  • You can now utilize the context menu in the tag list on the start page by pressing a tag for a slightly longer duration.
  • It’s now possible to remove multiple tags simultaneously from the tag list on the start page.
  • The context menu can also be employed in the saved searches list on the start page by pressing longer on a saved search.
  • For better visibility of tags below in the file details’ tag selection dialog, the soft keyboard can now be dismissed following a tag search.
  • Occasionally, while raising a contact request for support, the primary text wasn’t sent; this issue has been addressed.
  • Additional bug fixes have been implemented.

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