SimpleumSafe 3.4 Mac - Release Notes


For the latest version of SimpleumSafe, we are pleased to announce significant improvements and helpful new features aimed at making your experience with our app even safer, more efficient and easier to use. Below is a detailed overview of recent updates:

Improvements in iCloud performance

iCloud Sync Perfomance boost 5-50 times faster
  • Accelerated iCloud Transfers
    We’ve made significant optimizations that increase transfer speeds to and from iCloud by a factor of 5 to 50. This means you save significant time when synchronizing your data, making your work with SimpleumSafe even smoother and more efficient.

  • Delete all data from iCloud
    At customer request, we have introduced a new feature that allows you to safely and completely remove all data from iCloud (CloudKit). This offers an additional level of data control and security and you can, for example, delete all old Safes before creating new Safes.

  • Faster integrity check
    The iCloud sync verification option has been improved by speeding up the integrity check. This contributes to faster verification.

  • More efficient deletion of Safes
    Removing a Safe from iCloud (when deleting a Safe) is now faster, making it easier to manage your Safes and saving time.

Implemented customer requests

  • Improved icon view
    We have simplified access to the zoom slider and column selection in the icon view to give you more flexible and convenient navigation.

  • Sorting by creation date
    In Icon View, you can now also sort your files by their creation date, helping you organize your files even faster and more intuitively.

  • Advanced file viewer
    The standalone file viewer has been expanded so that all files in the same folder can now be viewed in addition to the previously selected files. This makes viewing and managing your files much easier.

Bug fixes

  • Delete password button
    We fixed a bug that resulted in the clear password button being unavailable if the password was entered incorrectly.

  • Drag & Drop stability improved
    A rare crash that occurred when dragging and dropping file types not known on macOS has been fixed.

  • Biometric login icon fix
    An issue where the TouchID icon was incorrectly displayed when using biometric sign-in with Apple Watch has been corrected. The correct icon will now be displayed, reducing confusion.