Mac - Secure Temporary Storage - SimpleumSafe 2

For the use of the preview feature of macOS which is also utilized for secure editing, the required file is copied into the Secure Temporary Storage. With this file, the preview or the associated program is started for editing. Thus, the file remains encrypted.

When the file has been edited, it will be immediately re-imported into the Safe. If the edited program is closed, the file is deleted from the Secure Temporary Storage.
The Secure Temporary Storage will be unusable after exiting SimpleumSafe. Each time you start SimpleumSafe a new Secure Temporary Storage is created.

The photo on the right shows the “secure temporary storage” as it is displayed on your desktop.
This is NOT the SimpleumSafe!


  • The size of the Secure Temporary Storage is limited to 500 MB in the Apple Mac App Store Version. This is related to the forced use of the Sandbox model for Apps in the Apple Mac App Store. The Download/Non-App Store Version has the ability to adjust the size of the Secure Temporary Storage in the preferences dialog. Read more in this article.
  • Please do not copy any files into “secure temporary storage”!