What distinguishes SimpleumSafe of other encryption apps? - Safe 2

Nowadays it is not enough “only” to encrypt your data to be protected. If you want to view, organize, or edit the encrypted files, they also must be protected. It is important not to leave any trace on the system, and even if a Trojan looks over your shoulder, it can not copy all your files to the Internet.

SimpleumSafe goes a different way than most other encryption programs. After authorization with a password, the files are not provided in the file system. Otherwise they would be completely vulnerable from this moment on. SimpleumSafe makes its own file system and has its own finder. Thus the files remain encrypted for the entire time.

SimpleumSafe add a complete new level of security on your Mac. Even when you are logged in your Mac, you need the Safe Password to access your data. This is very important when other users may have access to your Mac or your Mac is infected with a trojan malware or something similar.

SimpleumSafe combines strong encryption with easy usability.