Mac - Securely scan documents or take photos with your iPhone or iPad

Screenshot: Mac context menu for scan documents
  1. Open a Safe
  2. Select the folder in which the document to be scanned should be stored
  3. From the context menu (Control-click the folder), choose Import from iPhone or Import from iPad > Scan Documents (To take photos, choose Take Photo).
  1. The Camera app opens on the iPhone or iPad. Place the document within view of the camera and wait for the scan to complete. To capture a scan manually, tap the Shutter button, tap the Capture Image button, or press one of the volume buttons, drag the corners of the scan to fit the page, and then tap “Keep scan”.
  2. Add additional scans to the document or tap Save when finished. Your scans will appear as a PDF in the window on your Mac.
Screenshot: Scan documents with SimpleumSafe for iOS