Folder Synchronization - SimpleumSafe 2

For a Mac to Mac synchronization, we offer the folder sync. Here, simply a folder accessible by two Macs, e.g. a network drive (NAS). In this way, synchronization is possible without the Internet. Synchronization via flash drive is possible. This is a secure transmission, which is suitable even for high security requirements.

Folder sync setup

In the Menu: SimpleumSafe  Settings  SyncSelect Folder-Sync (Mac to Mac)

On Mac 1

  1. Select / create and save a synchronization folder.
  2. Connect to Mac 2
  3. export Safe configuration file

On Mac 2

  1. In the menu “Safe > Connect to a synchronized Safe …”
  2. Choose “Mac”
  3. Select the previously saved configuration file
  4. Enter the Safe password
  5. You will see the sync type and the Safe name
  6. Now enter the location of the sync folder, which you have set on the Mac 1.
  7. Lastly, specify where the Safe should be stored.