iCloud Sync - SimpleumSafe 2

The iCloud is available to every buyer of an iPhone / iPad / Mac and is now familiar to most users.

Setup iCloud sync

To scan the QR code on the Mac:

  1. Create a new Safe on the iPhone / iPad.
  2. On the iPhone / iPad > Settings > Synchronization > select iCloud Sync
  3. afterwards “Create configuration. QR Code “

On the Mac:

  1. in the menu > Safe > connect to a synchronized Safe
  2. Enter password
  3. Hold the iPhone QR code in front of the Mac camera until the QR code is recognized
  4. Authenticate
  5. Create Safe
  6. Save the Safe

Settings: Synchronization iCloud

For using the synchronization with iCloud all devices with the same user must be set up for the iCloud. Verify that you have enabled the iCloud Drive option, and that SimpleumSafe has access to iCloud.

Data transfer over the iCloud takes a long time or is delayed

The iCloud data transfer is carried out by iOS or macOS and we have no influence on it. To view the current state, we display the status of file upload and download. However, it may happen that data are transmitted with a delay, without this being apparent.

Files from the iCloud are not downloaded automatically

There are unfortunately different reasons. Often a reboot of the device works wonders.

On the Mac you can enter the command “killall bird” in the terminal window, so the macOS program, which coordinates the iCloud is terminated and automatically restarted. After a while, changes are automatically detected in the iCloud.

General iCloud Problems

Please read https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT203512

Also, check that the Apple services are not interrupted: https://www.apple.com/support/systemstatus/