System Requirements for SimpleumSafe 2

Requirements for SimpleumSafe on iOS

  • At least iOS 11 is required.
  • iOS 11.1 is required to use Wireless/Wireless Sync.

Requirements for SimpleumSafe on macOS

  • Since V2.9 macOS Big Sur and Apple Silicon/M1 are supported
  • At least macOS 10.13 High Sierra is required.
  • macOS 10.13.1 is required to use Wireless/Wireless Sync.
  • A camera is required for exchanging QR codes to set up sync with iOS. (Workaround: If your Mac does not have a camera, set up the safe to be synchronized on the Mac and create a QR code there. Then photograph the QR code with your iOS device).
  • If files larger than 500 MB are to be previewed or edited securely with an external program, then you need the non-App Store version (See also Differences between Apple Mac App Store and non-App Store versions and Encrypted temporary storage)