A new app for the Apple Macintosh makes encrypting a breeze

Simpleum Media GmbH offers with SimpleumSafe for Apple Mac OS X an easy to use App for password-based encryption of personal and professional data. Thanks to proven AES-256 encryption technology which is also used by governments, banks and industrial enterprises, all kinds of digital information are well protected against attacks from the Internet and access by unauthorized persons. With SimpleumSafe the customer can create and use different Safes at various locations such as hard disk, USB flash drive or cloud storage.

Simpleum halved the price for SimpleumSafe during the ECSM

The Simpleum Media GmbH seeks to promote the responsible and safe handling of personal and professional data. Under the motto “now everybody can encrypt” the German company offers a Software for Apple Mac since June 2016 which enables users to encrypt data without technical knowledge. During the **European Cyber Security Months** the Simpleum Media GmbH halved the price of their software to facilitate the access in the encryption also in terms of price.

SimpleumSafe easy-to-use encrypted file manager now available for iOS

Simpleum Media GmbH today introduces SimpleumSafe 1.0, the company’s new encryption app for iOS devices. SimpleumSafe is an easy-to-use app for password-based encryption of personal and professional data and a file manager. Thanks to proven AES-256 encryption technology, used by government, banks and industrial enterprise, all kinds of digital information are well protected against attacks from the Internet, as well as unauthorized access. With SimpleumSafe it is possible to create and use different Safes.

“Best of Apps 2017” of Innovation-Prize-IT initiative 2017

We have been voted into the “Best of Apps 2017” list in the category “IT Security” at the “Innovation-Prize-IT” initiative medium sized businesses 2017. As a German startup, Simpleum Media GmbH would like to make the protection of digital data available to small and medium-sized enterprises without any major introduction projects. The German middle class is a select target for cyberspionage and the annual economic damage is enormous (estimated about 50 billion euro 2015).

News from the Simpleum-Lab - Development status of synchronization

SimpleumSafe 2.0 will support the synchronization of Safes between different devices. Today we would like to report on the current state of development. Interview with the development: Question: What is the synchronization? Answer: In the end, the synchronization enables the same data of a Safe to be stored on different devices without the user having to worry about which data must be transferred. Question: What devices are supported by the synchronization?