SyncError:303 - Not all files send to the sync target/cloud

What does the error “SyncError:303” mean?

The “SyncError:303 - Not all files send to the sync target/cloud” error occurs when not all files are successfully uploaded when syncing your files. This error indicates that some files still need to be uploaded.


To fix the error, do the following:

Initiate sync on the device that will upload the files
Make sure the synchronization is completed on this device.

Still not uploaded all files?

If after following the above steps you find that all files are still not uploaded from the affected device, it is necessary to use Integrity Checker. Integrity Checker helps identify and resolve file synchronization issues by re-identifying outstanding files. How to use the Integrity Checker:

Important note: Synchronization, especially via iCloud, is outside SimpleumSafe’s direct control. Therefore, there may be delays due to iCloud sync speed.

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